L.I.T. (Local Industry Tavern)

It’s now L.I.T. at Las Vegas Golf Center.

Welcome L.I.T. (Local Industry Tavern), created by Las Vegas hospitality experts.

Stick close for more details, menus, special events and more.

Open Now but Official Launch Weekend is March 15-17 and beyond.


Where culture, sound and  flavor collide. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Golf Center, L. I. T. (Local Industry Tavern) offers some of the most memorable panoramic views of the Las Vegas strip and our night-lit golf course.
L.I.T. features a wide variety of premium and craft beers, specialty cocktails and fun and fast grab and go food options.

You will be dazzled by the vibe that we offer.

To sum it up, L.I.T. provides a great atmosphere with a fun and fast menu. Televisions offer a good spot to watch the games or Golf Channel.