Having a blast is easy with these bunker shot tips

It’s a bummer to be in a bunker. But with these easy tips from former United States Amateur Champion Eric Meeks, you’ll soon be swiping your way to super sand shots. Click now to schedule your own lessons.

This article originally ran in Sunseeker Magazine, the official publication of Allegiant Airlines.


  1. 1EricMeeks1GolfTipsHurlburtFor set-up and stance, be sure your weight is 90% on left foot (right foot for lefties).
  2. 2EricMeeks2GolfTips2HurlburtMake sure shoulder line matches slope of bunker. Your aiming point should be just left of target. Imagine parallel railroad tracks in sand on line of feet and through ball.
  3. 3Swing with a descending and swiping blow and keep weight forward throughout follow through. Swing should feel wide and you should take plenty of sand. Club is very open at contact.


  1. 1Don’t have 50/50 weight distribution like you do for full-swing shots. Weight should be 90% on left foot.
  2. 2EricMeeks3GolfTipsHurlburtDon’t backup or reverse pivot during the swing so your weight ends up on the back foot. If weight ends up on back foot, you will hit up on the ball causing a blade or chunk.
  3. 3Don’t shut clubface. Clubface should be open to utilize bounce of club. If club not open, you will dig into the sand and a poor result will follow.